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Welcome to semi permanent eyelashes

last updated June 2024

Welcome to Cherries & Diamonds.

We provide bespoke eyelashes for our clientele. Cherry has been lashing for the past 11 years. over that time I have seen a lot of bad lash jobs and damaged lashes. Cheery aims to inform you and treat your lashes with care

Cherries & Diamonds will conduct a consultation which will consider what you are looking for and what your type of lashes can handle. We aim to deliver the best service. Your health and happiness is our concern.

semi permanent eyelash extensions are not your traditional individual (cluster) eyelashes. They are single eyelash fibres attached to your eyelashes, using 1:1 ratio method.

A lash technician will isolate one of your own natural lashes and apply one eyelash fibre to isolated lash and continue till desired look is achieved.

ratio methods uses with semi-permanent lashes.


and Russian volume

2:1 - 16:1

lash styling for different eye shapes

Depending on your eyelash shape, your lash tech should advise what type of shape would best suit you. 

Were currently using London Lash, Wonderlash, Blink, T Dance lash products.  we will always inform your of your lash lengths and the glue we use. so you may inform the necessary specialist.

semi permanent eyelashes comes in many different fibres, curls, lengths, thickness and qualities.  

Each fibre comes in

Mink          (synthetic) generic, uniformed lashes.

Real mink  lighter. Also simulate real lashes. 

Cashmere lighter fibres

Silk         thicker fibres

Each fibre come in different curls

J recommended

B recommended

C commonly used in salons

CC r|qq2ecommended for extremely curly lashes

D recommended to mix with C Curl

DD recommended to mix with C Curl

L used for clients with downward facing lashes

LL not commonly used best for downward lashes

M not commonly used best for downward lashes

Each of these curl comes in different lengths. 

5              very rarely used

6              rarely used

7              rarely used

8              most common

9              most common

10            most common

11            most common

12            most common

13            widely used

14            occasionally used

15            very few should be applied

16            not highly demanded or recommended

Each length comes in different weights/thickness.

0.03 15D Russian volume

0.05 6D Russian volume

0.07 4D Russian

0.10 recommend/ also used for 2D/ volume & Russian

0.12 recommended

0.15 recommended

0.18 recommended

2.0 quite thick, used widely in salons

2.5 wouldnt suggest to use for daily use

3.0 wouldnt suggest to use for daily use

basic lash services


half set

full set


Your lashes go through lash cycle


dependant on where you are in your lash cycle will determine how frequent you visit a lash technician.

the care you give to your lashes will also determine how your lashes last.

week 1

Your lashes should look full without the need for an in-fill session. The occasional eyelash may fall out but, with proper care, this will be unnoticeable.

week 2

As more eyelashes mature and fall out, your eyelashes will start to look less full. This will not be particularly noticeable but, not is a good time to book your in-fill in week 3.

week 3

By the third week, gaps are inevitable as your eyelash hairs reach maturity and fall out. without proper after care, larger gaps may start appearing and mascara may be required to gain desired effect. Ensure your full effect lasts longer by attending an infill appointment.

week 4

Without an infill appointment, most of the original extensions will have fallen out by the end of the week 4. meaning a new full set will be required on your next appointment.

things to avoid whilst your lashes are lashtastic.

Things to do while you flaunt your lashes

first 24 hours is the most crucial stage.

it is normal to loose a few lashes after your appointment, do not be alarmed.

DO NOT get your lashes wet or steamy.

upto 48 hours

AVOID contact with water, such as swimming.

AVOID hot humd enviroments (shower, saunas, kettles, ovens etc)

After 48 hours

DO NOT use water based mascara (use water soluble)

DO NOT pull out or tug on your extensions

DO NOT curl your lashes

DO NOT tint eyelashes after application

DO use lint-free pads to remove make-up during facial routine

DO take care when blow drying as excessive heat can cause the extensions to loose curl structure

In the weeks to  come, why not check out our other blogs. search: teeth whitening, waxing, eyebrows, hair, weddings, nails, nail art, nail trends.

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