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How to register. 

Press promotions and click the register button and fill in your information. Once you have you'll be able to earn your loyalty rewards. leave a review for a discount off your next service. Add a picture and you will get £5 off. 

20 benefits to using our app. 

Book an appointment

See our last minute appointment slots

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Talk to me through app & website 

Call, find us through app

Be notified of important information 

Earn rewards by leaving a review 

Never loose a loyalty card again. By using our virtual loyalty card. 

Visit our gallery to see our best of our recent work

Read our reviews. We welcome constructive criticism.

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Special offers

Student discount

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Refer a customer and get 15% off your service. 

  1. We can send you a personal message

  1. Keep your contact details up to date.

  2. Access our blog and tutorials. Well keep you current by keeping you up to date with the nail trends. 

  1. Watch us on work YouTube 

😍happy downloading 

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